Automatic Ice Storage&Delivery Systems


ICE Plant

Grant automatic ice storage & delivery system is the accessory system of Grant ice system. It is composed of power ice storage bin, automatic ice delivery device and automatic weighing device. The ice reserve capacity of the system is 50 tons to 200 tons. And the ice delivery capacity is 5 tons per hour to 25 tons per hour. The system can be designed and manufactured with client's requirements to satisfy the constant increasing needs of industrial ice and fishery ice.


1. Power ice storage bin

The power ice storage bin is composed of cold storage. Hoist ice rake. Hoist ice door, electrical flat gate and horizontal screw conveyor. The function of the power ice storage bin is to save the ice made by ice making system in good condition and discharge the ice as needed automatically.

2. Automatic ice delivery device

Automatic ice delivery device can transport the ice discharged by power ice storage bin to the designated locations. Automatic ice delivery device is divided into two ways of screw ice convey and pneumatic ice delivery. Screw ice delivery is used in linear ice delivery or high ice delivery. Pneumatic ice delivery is usually used in long distance situation or multiple sites ice delivery.

3. Automaitc weighing device

Automatic weighing device can be used for complement usage at the places of accurate ice measurement. The device equipped with a pneumatic door with a sensor that the weight of ice could be accurately calculated with.

Grant automatic ice storage & delivery system is controlled by PLC touch screen and local camera monitor. The entire process of ice making. Ice storage and ice delivery is automatically controlled. It is equipped with multiple security protection for preventing from secondary icing problem in power ice storage bin and the jam problem during the delivery process, so that Grant automatic ice storage system can control reliably, operate stably and with high efficiency and energy saving.